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Class Descriptions


Chalk it Up is dedicated to bringing the fun and challenge of gymnastics to Geauga County at an affordable cost. We will offer private and group gymnastics classes for social through competitive level gymnasts. Chalk it up will offer its students a variety of instructional choices. By offering them several options, we can best serve their individual needs and financial limitations.


Private Lessons 

This offers students the best value for their investment. With a private lesson, the students will work one-on-one with an instructor, receiving personalized instruction and immediate correction. In learning the best methods, one-on-one, both beginning and advanced students will find they progress faster and more easily. Private lessons must be arranged by the instructor who will teach the lesson. Price varies depending on instructor’s experience. Group privates are also available.


Parent and Me

This 45 minute class is designed to enhance your child’s motor, listening, and social skills through fun gymnastics oriented activities (an adult is expected to actively participate with their child). This class is offered to children ages 6 months up to 3 years. 



This 60 minute long class is the introduction to basic gymnastics skills. Activities include tumbling, low bar, floor beam, and motor skills. This class is offered to children ages 3-6. 

Intermediate Beginner

This 75 minute class is for those athletes wanting to advance their basics. This class will focus on cartwheel/handstand perfection, back bends and event work in order to prepare for advanced beginner class. Offered to children ages 4-6



This class will be a 75 minute class taking one step beyond the basics of gymnastics. This class will be for those who are ready to advance on learning skills on the following 4 events (vault, bars, beam, floor).  This class is broken up between 4 levels based on age/skill level. 



This class will be 90 minutes working on the needed skills/basics to be on a competitive gymnastics team. This class will help guide and challenge you in becoming a better gymnast. 

Non-compete team-

This team will practice for 120 minute for those gymnasts that have the skill level to be on team  but do not want to make that full commitment of a team. The gymnast will focus on upgrading their skills on all four events. 



This class will be anywhere between 120 - 180 minutes depending on the level of gymnastics you will be competing. This class will focus on the skills and determination you need in order to become the best gymnast you can be. 

High School 

This is a 180 minute class for high school gymnasts to practice during the off season. You may enter this class at the end on you 8th grade year before your 9th grade year. This class will focus on gaining and maintaining the required skills to compete at a high school level. 

Cheer/ tumble

This 90 minute class is for individuals interested in learning basic, intermediate, or advanced cheer techniques. Class includes training for flexibility, jumps, and stunts. This class is offered to a variety of ages. Those looking to compete may speak with instructor for information. 


This 60 minute class will focus on stunting for competitive and rec cheer as well as tumbling. This class is offered to ages 7 and up. The students will work on being all position of cheerleading  such as flyer, base or back spotter. 

Tramp and tumbling (TNT)

This class is offered for those who want to focus on the tumbling of gymnastics as well as trampoline skills! Those looking to compete in TNT will have the option to do so after completing the rec program. 

Ninja Class-

This is a parkour based class focusing on both the basics and advanced skills of parkour. This class is an endless amount of challenges. working on obstacles, flipping. wall climbing and more!

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